Christopher Brian

Manager/Beer & Booze Guy

Christopher Brian (aka CB), has been tending bar for over a decade now, having worked as corporate trainer for the restaurant groups Hillstone and Island's Fine Burgers & Drinks in California. His interest in cocktails was further developed when he began managing Bar 1886, a nationally recognized and award-winning craft cocktail bar known for it's inventiveness, attention to detail, and warm welcoming environment. It was while he was working here that he met Chef Ernesto Uchimura and joined forces to develop the craft beer and cocktail program for Plan Check Kitchen + Bar. During his tenure there his programs were nationally recognized for it's spirits list, happy hours, cocktails, and accessibility. He guided the program from one location to three outlets, each with a unique creative list influenced by the neighborhood and it's locals.  In February of 2015 CB moved to New Orleans where he began working with Chef Kristen at Meauxbar. He valued her commitment to locality, seasonality, and quality of food and service that partnered well with his vision for a cocktail program that was farm to glass. His cocktail program quickly became a force in New Orleans, garnering local and international press, including his award winning Cancha Con Pisco, a pisco cocktail using an entire corn cob (including the husk!). In September of 2016 he rejoined Chef Kristen and Executive Chef Michael at Coquette where their continued commitment and effort to creating a fresh, local, and environmentally friendly program can be found weekly in his changing menu.  He currently lives in the CBD with his wife Ruby and they are expecting their first child in May.